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Socialtext – Keeping It Inside The Company

socialtext-logoSocialtext is aiming to do what other competitors in the space are trying to do, and that is to keep the corporate chatter inside the company.

While the competition is starting to heat up, with the latest release, it appears that they are digging in for an enterprise installation and adaptation. One difference that I am gathering from the different posts, is that Socialtext is incorporating functionality besides another chat tool.

The release of their desktop adobe air standalone app should also help to gain a bigger foothold. Air apps push many good products ahead of the competition. People get tired of having tabs open in their browser, and twitter, as a comparison example, would have never taken off without the various apps and clients that take it out of the brower.

Signals, a newer feature, is the same thing we have all come to love about the 140 character micro messages we are use to with twitter. Of course this isn’t really that new, as it was mentioned in this post here back in January about another micro blogging service that was funded called Identi.ca.


When you can take more commonly known items such as planning tools and a wiki platform, you start to look like a true business tool. While Yammer has the social micro-blogging platform aspect down, it appears at this time the only real competition for Socialtext might be WiseHive who has also incorporated tools into what they offer.

This could all come down to who has the most money to make it to the finish line. As nicely included on this post, we have a pretty good idea of who has the money, and who may be poised for a merger of ideas. Whatever happens in this space, it’s good to keep the communications lively, productive, focused and inside a corporation.


This takes us a long way from the days of using AIM to chat between offices, or even within offices. Many of you are gasping with amazement or even rolling your eyes like that would ever happen. In the days of yesterday, it did, and it happened quite often.

When you work in a big corporation, or even companies with many offices, trying to keep workers productive within the job needing done requires constant updates and frequent messages. E-Mail isn’t very effective when it comes to getting the job done sometimes.

Socialtext along with the other services are all trying to solve that communication and collaboration issue that has plagued the office environment for a long time. Tools like this go a long way to improving the work day and productivity cycle.

What do you think about Socialtext and like tools for the company you work at? Do you think that tools like these will be highly utilized sooner than later at your company?

If you think that it never will happen at your work, or if you already use twitter for example for inter-office communications, let us know and be sure to follow us on twitter: siliconANGLE, John Furrier, Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins, Rex Dixon.

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