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Twitter Nation This Morning

Have no fear twitter’maniacs, I will do my best to catch you up on all things twitter that tweeted overnight! Seriously? Well sort of. As I was going through my feeds it seems like the most anyone can do these days is to find something twitter to write about. I found no less than seven items, and even one that came in after I went through my feeds and hit the "mark all read" button. What does this tell us?

Twitter is still on steroids and there isn’t any letting up anytime soon. Let’s take a look and see if each of these twitter pieces has a meaning for existing. We’ll start with the latest one, which is the obligatory every few days look at the business model. The nice thing about this early morning article is that it alerts us to the fact of – ….

Today, Twitter’s investors are in rainy San Francisco for a board meeting of the hyped microblogging service, where they will presumably discuss revenue options the start-up keeps promising are coming soon.

…. later we will be hearing more about twitter’s business model. I’m sure that after this above board meeting, there will be more twitter business speculation than one could really speculate about!

While twitter is still struggling for the business identity to sell, there are no lack of companies making money from twitter. That could be a whole article in itself; number of companies making more money than twitter off of the twitter API. One of the items I wrote about earlier this week was the #skittles trial that ran. This morning I was finally sent a link to a business and marketing blog post which said …

This information is then stored in the visitor cookie and when you return you will not have to re-enter your DOB. This visitor information is more valuable than the actual campaign using Twitter to promote their site as they can using their web analytics package, Omniture, understand their visitors more than they ever could before.

… and speaking of Omniture the company that has seen the twitter light.

They are now offering a twitter analytic service. This should help build them into an even more powerful data service ….

Omniture currently boasts 5,100 clients — think AOL, Microsoft, Oracle, and eBay — capturing more than 1 trillion online transactions per quarter, and is now hoping to support their clients looking for Twitter insights on par with the standard Web analytics they’re used to receiving.

…. except for the fact that we live in America, and competition is the name of the game.

While Omniture may be bulldozing their way past most of the data analytic competition especially with that nice and legally polite way of making those skittles people give up DOB on the premise of you have to be older than 12 years old

To ensure that the new site doesn’t violate MARS company policy and target users under the age of 12, you must enter your DOB.

… they will have competition in this twitter analytic space. In fact if you are an analytic company that isn’t taking advantage of twitter’s data stream, you really need to or rather should be focusing in that direction sooner than later.

Techrigy appears to have not only jumped all over twitter, but already appears to have a solid foundation of data streaming in from other social media outlets such as blogs, wikis, message boards, forums, flickr, etc… Combine all that data with twitter conversations, and you have what they call SM2, or as this blog said a month ago ….

Techrigy announced last week that their index of online conversations just broke the 1 billion mark. And two days ago, they announced real-time alerts, fixing my biggest complaint with the service–results previously took a day or two to appear.

…. and the really cool thing about not seeing that blog post over a month ago is the fact that someone else covered it just yesterday.

But is that all? Not even close! We still have to talk about how twitter is now the search engine of choice. This actually is relative to the way they skittle’ized everyone a few days ago. I think that along with the search engine plan and the if they can somehow pull off another skittle’free-demographic data acquisition, you probably have the perfect monster.

Perfect monster in the sense of – a great business plan to make money with this creature known as twitter. And it still doesn’t end there! Really, it doesn’t! Twitter could even go into the business being a psychology service! Think I’m kidding? I think that this article had a very good point …

You sleep with your boss’ lover. You steal a stranger’s dog. Or you win the lottery. Whom is the first person you tell? And whom is the second?

… you do any of those lately, and I bet you tweeted it. Who is with me in the belief that by the end of the day, well ok, maybe the end of the week – there will be an online psychological or psychic service that starts with a tweet? We’ll call it Miss Cleo on steroids, all brought to you by twitter.

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