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Six Degrees Of Social Separation

There are supposedly six people that separate you from any particular person, or so the story goes. Keeping that in mind, it is a Friday which is a pretty slow news day, and I now present the various six degrees of separation as applied to the social web.

The first degree will start off as what appears to be what is known as – merger news – JS-Kit now owns (merged with) Sez-Who. The actual degree of course isn’t merger news, but discussion or commenting interaction. One writer has proclaimed that there are only three choices of discussion methods.

Here on this blog, we use Facebook Connect, so this writer did happen to forget about the fb connect way of interacting. I’m sure there are more than three choices out there, but this writer felt that the major players should be highlighted as the Big Three of discussion control.

The acquisition cements JS-Kit’s place as the largest commenting 2.0 provider, and offers further strength in its battle against the Automattic owned IntenseDebate, and the still independent Disqus.

It was also covered here. There you can see what amount of investment money each company had.

Discussion control is one degree of the social web, a degree we are encouraging right here. Sorry that we are not currently using one of the Big Three, but hey, we are being social with our Facebook Connect setup!

The next degree which is commonly known as classifieds, most will shake their heads and say “not social“, does appear to be very social.

Craigslist has been, and will in my opinion, continue to be the leader in online classified ads. The reason of course is their very simplistic design, as well as the very laid back approach to the whole business.

Catherine is a 35-year-old sex worker in San Francisco who relies on Craigslist to reduce the physical risks often faced by a woman in her line of work.

Some of us even saw an earlier post this past week about Chicago pulling out all stops in their attempt to squash Craigslist. This is the second degree, online social ads along with the third degree which has always been a presence online – sex and porn!

The fourth degree also segues into the fifth degree. I found this post and I have to agree that even big blogs can be innovative! Mashable has taken twitter (yes, the fifth degree) and created a way to utilize a business’ twitter account that actually made sense. This is the fourth degree, advertising online.

Inquisitr: Mashable-Twitter Advertising

According to Mashable founder Pete Cashmore:

Twitter Brand Sponsors is a small step towards our sociable ads goal. Here’s how it works: a limited number of brands (and one charity!) looking to engage with the social media
community can have their latest Tweets syndicated into the Mashable sidebar, and interested visitors can choose to connect with those brands on Twitter.

The ad unit serves a double purpose; it offers up-to-date data from sponsors via their Twitter accounts, delivering a more interesting ad, while also promoting those Twitter accounts within the unit. That people would pay to promote their Twitter accounts isn’t really surprising given the popularity of the service, although how well this format converts is to be seen.

The fifth degree is that currently over talked about topic, Twitter. We must start off with the whole on again, we don’t know again, and we’ll let you know soon business plan issue or debate. Quite interesting to me that even Kara can’t persuade twitter folks to talk. The comical reference to twitter and snuggie as well as the whole Chia-Mr T made me smile.

Last night, I was lucky enough to grab drinks with two of Twitter’s major venture investors and board members: Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital’s Bijan Sabet.

While we had a lively discussion about a lot of stuff, they had just come from a Twitter board meeting, but would tell me bupkis about their money-making ideas.

With my tweetdeck acting up as of the past 24 hours or so, this TwitteReader might be a decent backup plan. Basically while you can already use RSS with twitter (built in), this twitter app let’s you also use the RSS that you already know, but it also let’s you interact with your followers. Big difference than just the RSS stream you can pull in.

That was a nice flowing way to connect the dots this morning on six degrees of social web seperation. What? I only mentioned five degrees? The sixth degree is obviously YOU!

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