UPDATED 12:59 EST / MARCH 10 2009

Monkey in your old High School Cliq

imageThe world of social sites are very overwhelming at this time. Two services are in beta right now to help you organize them. The first one is that adorable little creature known as a monkey. Well actually it’s Chi.mp. The second one is your old High School cliq. Not really, but it’s called Cliqset.

imageI have set up my Chi.mp about 2 days ago, and yesterday I received my invite to Cliqset. I’ll have to say, the way Cliqset used twitter yesterday to viral’ize their beta was very socially smart. Basically if you missed it, they made you tweet something that encouraged your followers to check out the site. Once you arrived there, it told you how to receive your beta sign up. One of the requirements was that you tweet the same tweet that hooked you up to Cliqset! In other words, you sent out the same message to your followers or cliq.

The interesting thing about Cliqset is that it appears to be more social network than just a place to organize the social nets you are part of. While this article stated …

Cliqset’s ultimate goal is to help users connect their online identities in one place so they can then safely share that online social identity with Cliqset-aware applications. Cliqset even claims to be the last social identity you will ever need.

… to me it feels more like another social network in the making vs just a place to organize your social nets like Chi.mp is doing. Out of the two services, I’m thinking I like Chi.mp. I’m not wanting to be a part of another social network, which is what Cliqset appears to be trying to do. Chi.mp is more FriendFeed, and Cliqset is more Facebook wanna be. Those are my impressions of the two similar yet different services.

Social sites are so over right now. Brian Solis also known as Mr. PR 2.0 in some circles has just guest posted on TechCrunch that blogs just don’t have the authority they use too. The interesting thing there is that Brian used one of the biggest blogs out there to make sure that his message reached the masses.

Why not put that post on one of your many blogs? What about your social media message you recently wrote? While Brian is a well respected, followed, read, and blogger/PR type of guy with a lot of online presence, we all know why he went to the little blog out of Atherton that just so happens to have an office now in Palo Alto to post.

With that in mind, what prompted you to come here to read this post? Was it a tweet on twitter or in someone’s FriendFeed stream? Do you feel like Brian Solis? Days of the blog has passed all of us by? Let us know your thoughts, and yes, you can also follow us on twitter: siliconANGLE, John Furrier, Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins, Rex Dixon. Why is that? Because we believe that blogging and the social nets that are out there go hand in hand and if done correctly, both can benefit.

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