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The Genie Is Out of the Bottle

tdlogoTweetdeck became another major announcement of Facebook Connect integration this morning. First there was the iPhone connect-connection and than the Seesmic connect-connection-launch.

This morning’s announcement of Tweetdeck’s new beta v0.24b which you can download now if you are excited to get the latest, or wait for the push once it’s ready, integrates Facebook connect into Tweetdeck.

I have been playing around with it for a few hours now, and can say I’m quite impressed. There are tons of stories online since way early this morning about this, but they all seem to agree – this is really cool – and Pandora’s Box is now fully open.

Fortunately, Facebook has upgraded their API and now functionality similar to Twitter is no longer just theory. Facebook is working on opening up their platform increasingly and this is just one step in the process. As I’ve been emphasizing over the past few weeks, this is part of a greater movement and in the coming weeks there are many more things to come.


While this post should be all about the cool vibe you get when you have Tweets and Facebook Status scrolling by, it’s more about how this is now loudly changing the game. As the title of this post states – the Genie is Out of the Bottle. That Genie is Facebook connect. I can’t say it’s quietly changing the game, as there is nothing quiet anymore about the usefulness of Facebook Connect or the game changer it is becoming.

While just last week I wrote about Twitter vs Facebook and who was winning the promotional battles with Jimmy Fallon and Oprah, Facebook quietly navigated, or as @tomturnbull stated, quietly kept urban planning for superior game play.

Twitter may have to tighten up the game, and go back to the basics now. There is no more money for crazy suburban sprawling missions as the days of starting a GeoCities and hoping it works has long been over.

To be perfectly fair, the analysis isn’t all positive. Adam of Mashable points out that this could be a privacy issue with your friends on Facebook …

The option to more or less “retweet” your Facebook friends’ status updates could be controversial, since unlike Twitter, where updates are mostly public and hoping to reach as large an audience as possible, your friends don’t necessarily want their Facebook messages re-broadcast to all of your Twitter followers.

… but he also stated that it would be great for Facebook ….

making the social network’s new real-time features more active and worthwhile.

Another issue that was brought up by Eric of VentureBeat is the fact that maybe your friends think that all this social on a hose is just too much …

Please tell facebook that I do not like the new homepage because it makes it easier to see all status changes, updates, activities of friends, etc. It annoys me and makes me procrastinate all the more. Facebook is ruining my life. blablabla, i could be doing so many more productive, fun things than spend hours on the computer. anyway, that’s just my view.

The angle is obviously that Facebook has been secretly on the surface to appear young and aloof. The truth of the matter is they have done their homework well, kept their enemies very close, and now are starting to show their true colors of being cold and calculating. Reminds me of another company that once was thought to be youthful, fresh air loving, coffee drinking geeks from the northwest. You remember them, right?


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