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Killing RSS and The Music Biz

Jeff laid down a very interesting perspective yesterday on how RSS is being buried by the more conversational medium which we all know as twitter.

This of course is something I have gravitated towards over the last few months. Now that I found that TweetDeck actually makes sense and organizes the conversation stream, I’ve switched things up in my routine. Before reading my overstuffed Google Reader, I now just open up TweetDeck to figure out what is “news” and what is “hype“.

Yesterday, being April 1st, I didn’t even make any attempts to write anything here. I only posted a quick funny video on my personal blog. The news yesterday was funny at times, and absurd at other times. I’m glad that Jeff wrote something that seems to be already gaining a lot of positive views this morning.

Something interesting happened along the way, Twitter achieved critical mass and bloggers and mainstream media alike adopted it to promote content. Every post I write is automatically tweeted out with the post title and link to source, not unlike what other sites do, and over the last year I have noticed a steady increase in referral traffic from Twitter as my followers grew and links to my posts were clicked on

Now with the above information in hand, you could say that it’s still a one way conversation only. But while the one way blog post plugins that people use are very one way, it’s the conversation that starts either via the comments thread, FriendFeed, or even via the simple “@” or DM via twitter. Conversational Tool is what twitter is becoming. Some disagree with me, but like the next part of this, others will agree and disagree with me – that’s the best part of having all these forums of conversational outlet – FriendFeed, Twitter, Disqus comments, etc.

The music biz or proper, the music business as a whole is a big mysterious machine that ruled for decades. Of course once someone figured out how to turn it digital and figured out the internet was the best distribution channel, it finally freed the musician from being slaves. It was like the emancipation proclamation for musicians worldwide.

Where does twitter figure into this? Apparently it does via the band Moonalice!

A live album release performance at Slim’s in San Francisco this Friday where — in what might be the closest thing yet to live music on Twitter.

Moonalice’s sound team will digitize each song once it has been performed, then send a link out on Twitter so fans can download the track. Follow @moonalice to get the music as it’s released.

Eric covered it well over here, but the main point is that even the twitter head honcho @ev is endorsing this event.

“We are amazed by all the new ways people are using Twitter, and what Moonalice is doing exemplifies this to the core,” he’s quoted saying in a press release about the event. “Twittering a live show is a new and profoundly cool way for a band to reach its fan base and beyond and we hope to see more of this as bands see the value of connecting to their audience in new ways.”

Truth be told, while Moonalice isn’t exactly what I term serious rock n’ roll, more like jam band meets Tom Petty with some Dylan thrown in for good measure, it’s a good time I’m sure. Not only that, they do support a great cause via the Rex Foundation. While the music stylings aren’t exactly something I would listen too on a daily basis, it’s still worth checking out and seeing if they can move the music biz further away from what it was via this twitter live show.

Burnett’s innovative new XOΔE (CODE in Greek letters) mastering technology. XOΔE enables a fully detailed recording that rises far above the flat, industry standard “radio mix.” In addition to the CD, the XOΔE-enhanced DVD-V is packed with a high-resolution stereo version (24-bit/96 kHz)

Now the part about the revolutionary mastering process, I’m going to have to wait to hear it. I’m quite certain that a huge band tried this once, and it didn’t work out too well. It was a sonic fiasco if I remember correctly. That band was Rush and the album in question was Roll The Bones. Now my memory could be seriously faded, but I recall that CD was trying something very similar, and what I heard and saw visually was such a squashed waveform on import of one of their tracks, there was no breathing room at all.

Hey I could be wrong about the above part about Rush, and the entire post here is just my angle. So if you agree or disagree, the only way I will know is if you leave a comment or ping me with an “@via twitter! In other words, your opinion is just as important as the writers here on the ‘Angle. We want to hear them!

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