UPDATED 18:03 EDT / MAY 14 2009

Co-Enterpreneuring Is The New Black – Peer Entrepreneurship Works In Recessions

image Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins has a great post worth highlighting some of the co-working space in Texas.  I have to admit that I love this post, and that I’m a bit biased toward it for three reasons. 1) Mark is a lead editor of Silicon Angle, 2) He lives in Texas which I love, and 3) Silicon Angle has been operating a Lab or incubator for about eight months called SiliconAngle Labs (SA Labs).

The timing is even more compelling when you read this NY Times article that came out today – Do Web Entrepreneurs Still Need Venture Capitalists? by Claire Cain Miller

I have been studying social media since it’s inception, and the company I created in 2004 (PodTech) was arguably was the first social media site to hit the market. In that time, I’ve noticed the major trend of sharing taking place both online and online with respect to venture development – I call this co-entrepreneuring.

image With more and more entrepreneurs not happy about taking venture capital you will see this as the new angel investment model – peer entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs. You will be hearing about this new kind of incubator model and more in the coming weeks when we start introducing SiliconAngle Labs (SA Labs).

Peer production has established itself in software and media and now it’s moving towards venture capital.  The results of co-entrepreneuring is amazing.  We’ve been doing it for eight months at SiliconAngle Labs, and have 3 startups developing all with no outside investment.  It works.

If you read the mission statement about this blog SiliconAngle.com – you’ll see why SiliconAngle Labs makes sense. When you see who’s involved it will become even clearer.

Here is the info from Mark

Coworking spaces are a mostly recent Texas trend I picked up on last summer during the SummerMash tour stop I attended in Austin. I got the opportunity to meet and talk with Cesar Torres and John Erik Metcalf, the founders of the company, both of which ended up giving a great interview to Aaron at the Stickam booth that night.

Learning about their journey into creating a shared office space geared around web and mobile tech startups reminded me of my own history in the 90s with a similar trend – geek houses.

It seems like not long after we profiled Conjunctured back at Mashable, and John Erik gave a perfect blueprint in the podcast on how to grow your own local coworking space, they started popping up everywhere.

This post was prompted by an alert I got this afternoon about a new (third!) coworking space that has cropped up here in the Dallas area, so I decided to catalogue all the spaces I could find state wide.

I’m very excited by all the creativity in this market. At the same time feel the capital markets can’t stop entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are warriors who stick together and are to resourceful to be stopped. When they work in groups together they achieve very high levels of success.

Co-Entrepreneuring is the new black.

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