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Why Most of the Media World is WAY off Basis about Palm

image If you have been on any tech related website in the past week you have undoubtedly read a writeup about Palm the the impending release of the long awaited Pre that is coming out this Saturday in North America.  The reviews have started rolling out and of course there are those ridiculous bloggers out there using whatever hype tactics they can to bump their page views regardless of how idiotic they may appear.

Overall it is interesting to me that the majority of the postings thus far have been relatively negative, especially since a lot of them are by people who have have either never used the device, and maybe even seen it in person.  So far most of the positive points have come from those with devices in hand who have written their full reviews.

It is normal for their to always be haters out there for new technology and devices that come on the market…, especially any that come up against the iPhone which is one of the best technology devices to come to market since the iPod and the original Sony Walkman back in the day, HUGE game changer that makes every competitor get their sh#t together.

image A big mistake that most of the idiotic haters are making is saying that Palm is betting the whole company on the Pre.  They are not betting the company on the Pre, they are betting the company on the webOS.

It is pretty easy to tell that most of the people writing about the Pre who talk down about the webOS are not, or have not been web developers in their lifetime’s.  They mention the fact that it’s hindering developers by only allowing HTML/javascript/CSS to be used for application development or that Palm is screwing themselves by only allowing some close partners to initially release apps.

Uh, how many apps did Apple have in their app store the day that the iPhone was first released?

I guess Palm IS screwing themselves.  By not opening up the flood gates for developers on day one us lucky Pre owners might only be able to choose from a single fart app.  For the uninformed reading this, there are a few more web developers out there in the world that Objective C ones.  All Palm is doing is putting the throttle on a bit.  Once they open up the flood gates there will be so many developers pumping out little, and BIG, apps that you will have 10+ fart related apps to choose from in no time.

As far as development on the device goes THAT is what the company is betting itself on.  I guess its is pretty easy for me to get excited for the webOS since I have been developing web applications for the past decade starting in the mobile web space back in 1999, but you cannot imagine how powerful it is to be able to write in HTML/JavaScript/CSS and produce something VERY quickly that not only provides great functionality to the user but also looks amazing.  You know those 950,000 registered developers building 350,000 applications in HTML/JavaScript/CSS on the Facebook platform?.., I think a few of them might like to push out a Pre app or two.

You have a lot of people declaring the death of Microsoft and the desktop and that the web and browser based applications are the future.  Well if you are to believe that notion then the webOS is the best positioned platform for the future.  Here you have a fantastic app and rendering engine ALL in HTML/JavaScript/CSS, beautiful native graphics, animations, controls to take advantage of,  as well as the power to interface with the hardware and core application components such as calendar, contacts, media, maps, etc.

So is the Pre going to flop and put Palm in the ground or is it going to be a huge hit and save the company’s ass?  The answer is neither.

The Pre that we welcome this Saturday is just the tip of the iceberg for Palm.  I am a believer that Palm will move 20 million+ webOS units by summer of 2011.  Not Pre’s, webOS units.  The OS numbers matters, not just the Pre’s.  Why do I throw out such a high number?

First, Palm currently has a pretty loyal fan base from the good ol days, as well as lots of Treo and Centro owners that will welcome a slick new Palm device/OS.  Next, we will undoubtedly see variations of the Pre over the next 12 months, more storage, second generation hardware, etc.  We will also see new form factors such as the rumored Eos,

and what about the Palm Tablet?  The webOS is ripe for a tablet device.

Palm is already expected to release webOS devices in around 18 countries as well, including rumors of AT&T and Verizon releasing either the Pre or Eos.

Tiny keyboard aside I for one am excited to get my Pre this weekend, should the stores still have them in stock when my lazy but gets out of bed Saturday afternoon.  Check back here for a review once I play around with the device for a few days as well as some possible Silicon Angle Labs dev reviews as I dig into the SDK which is currently waiting patiently on my hard drive.

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