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Cloud & Storage Blowout – Chowda, SiliconANGLE, The Cube, and EMC World – Shipping Up To Boston

UPDATE: John tweeted out just before he got onto the plane for Boston

#emcworld Sox/Yankees Sunday at fenway. 2 tix to best comment my Chowda/TheCube post (http://bit.ly/aSSAAk) or RT it.

To clarify, retweet out the line above, make sure you include the #EMCworld hashtag, and leave an impressive comment here on the site, and the tickets could be yours.

imageAs part of our continuing coverage of cloud, real time web, infrastructure, and mobile SilconANGLE is heading to Boston for EMC World 2010.  As Stu Miniman says, EMC World is the Superbowl of Storage.  It’s the main industry event where the action is not just the show but the partying and side events of which we’ll be covering like a blanket

Last March SiliconANGLE prototyped a new mobile studio format called THE CUBE.  Now as part of our formal event coverage that was launched at SXSW  SiliconANGLE and its video team are shipping up to Boston next week May 9-13.

We will buzz all over Boston to cover and collaborate with our fellow bloggers, analysts, and industry peers to capture all the relevant action at the 10th anniversary of EMC World 2010 in Boston.

#TheCube – Live Studio & Show Everyday 2:30-5:30 EST

We will be featuring SiliconANGLE’s “The Cube” – a live video show that pioneered by SiliconANGLE bloggers Mark Rizzn Hopkins and Michael Sean Wright.  The Cube was prototyped and battle tested at this years past SXSW where Mark and Sean put together a studio to go with the help of Tricaster.

#TheCube Format:  Featuring A Live Video Show Everyday

Everyday at EMC World 2010 from 2:30 est to 5:30 est we will be holding a live program similar to the one that was established at SXSW in Austin.  The Cube was so successful Leo Laporte and Robert Scoble used it to do their programs from.  Big congrats to the producers and creators of The Cube – Mark Rizzn Hopkins (@rizzn) and Michael Sean Wright (@nicefishfilms).

We want to highlight all our fellow social media peers as well both at the show and in and around Boston.  We will be doing this via two additional components a “morning social coffee” and “social power lunch” programs.   These two programs will be short format.  Social morning coffee and social power lunch will feature news bursts from around the web and EMC World.  Additionally we will highlight the imagesocial media conversations from people and conversations happening around the web, the show, and around Boston.

If you are a blogger, analyst, or industry executive and want to share your opinion join us by visiting  SiliconANGLE.com/emcworld2010.  If you’re attending EMC World stop by the blogger lounge put on by Len Devanna of EMC (@LenDevanna).

How To Be On The Show

If you want to be active with us you can participate either in person or over Twitter.  We will be actively integrating Twitter users who are remote into the show.  So tweet away and we’ll grab you on the show hashtags are #emcworld #thecube

Special Sponsor – Legal Seafood

What would an event be in Boston without some chowda, fried clams, and lobster.  With that Legal Seafood will be our official food sponsor for the SiliconANGLE EMC World coverage and official clam chowder for The Cube and its’ guests.  Legal Seafood has served it’s clam chowder to presidents of the United States from Jack Kennedy to Obama.

We’re in great company with Legal Seafood.

Big Players – Names That You Know Coming

Chuck Hollis , Brian Gallagher, Joe Tucci, Pat Gelsinger, Dave Vellante, Rich Walsworth, Dave Graham, Jeff Nick, @storagezilla, @storagenerve, Baas Rayman, Ray Luchessi, Brian Gracely, Frank Hauck, Sam Curry, Chad Sakac, Frank Slootman, Mark Peters, Jeremy Burton, Stephan Foskett, John Troyer, Howard Elias, Tony Pags, Steve Herrod, Ken MacDonald, Barry Burke, Mike Versace, Stu Miniman, Len Devanna, Greg Schulzand many more.

If you want to be on our blog roll and Twitter roll – add your url and Twiter username in the comments.

Bloggers Confirmed At The Blogger Lounge

Len Devanna and the EMC social media team has put together a blogger lounge.

Here is the sign up sheet if you’re a blogger and are attending EMC World 2010.

Here are some of the blogger confirmed to be there in person.

[Editor’s Note: Image credits to Mike Doeff. –mrh]

Len Devanna Blog – Len.Devanna.com
Twitter – @LenDevanna
FaceBook – LenDevanna
FriendFeed – LenD
Jamie Pappas Blog: www.jamiepappas.com
Twitter: @JamiePappas
Facebook: JamiePappas
FriendFeed: JamiePappas
Flickr: JamiePappas
YouTube: JamiePappas423
Luigi Danakos Blog- AftaShockEnt
Twitter- @ldanakos
Matt Davis Blog – techmute
Christopher Kusek Blog: PKGuild
Twitter: @CXI
Facebook: Christopher Kusek
FriendFeed: CXI
LinkedIn: Christopher Kusek
Chuck Hollis Blog — chucksblog.emc.com
Twitter – @chuckhollis
Scott Lowe Blog – blog.scottlowe.org
Twitter – @scott_lowe
Stuart Miniman Blog – blogstu.wordpress.com
Twitter – @stu
FriendFeed – miniman
Google (Buzz) – stuminiman
Darren Ratcliffe Blog – vgood.typepad.com
Twitter – @iaas_fujitsu
Charles Hood Blog – charleshood.net
Twitter – @charleshood
Denny Cherry Blog – itke.techtarget.com/sql-server
Twitter – @mrdenny
Natalie Corridan-Gregg Blog – natalie.corridan-gregg.com
Twitter – @NCorridanGregg
Laurence Hart
aka Pie
Blog – Word of Pie
Twitter – @piewords
Bas Raayman Blog – BasRaayman.com
Twitter – @BasRaayman
FaceBook – BasRaayman
Devang Panchigar Blog: Storagenerve
Twitter: @storagenerve
Ed Saipetch Blog: Breathingdata
Twitter: @edsai
Greg Schulz Blog: StorageIOblog
Twitter: @storageio
LinkedIn: Greg Schulz
FaceBook: Greg Schulz
FriendFeed: Greg Schulz
Google: Greg Schulz
David Hurst Blog: AppyTech
Twitter: @the_super_dave
LinkedIn:David Hurst
FriendFeed:David Hurst
Google: David Hurst
Eric Kiel Blog: network0
Twitter: @rabbitofdeath
Chris M Evans Blog: The Storage Architect
Twitter: @chrismevans
Linkedin: Chris M Evans
FriendFeed: Chris M Evans
Brian P. Boyd Blog:SanGeek
Twitter: @sangeek
Linkedin: Brian P. Boyd
Rich Bocchinfuso Blog: GotITSolutions
Twitter: @rbocchinfuso
Linkedin: Rich Bocchinfuso
Facebook: Rich Bocchinfuso
Google: Rich Bocchinfuso
Alexandra Larsson Blog: Alexandra
Twitter: @macgirlsweden
LinkedIn: Alexandra Larsson
Google(wave): Mactjejen
Brian Henderson Blog: Power Windows
John Troyer Blog: VMTN Blog
Twitter: @jtroyer
LinkedIn: John Mark Troyer
Google: John Mark Troyer
Barry A. Burke
aka the storage anarchist
Blog: the storage anarchist
Twitter: @storageanarchy
LinkedIn: Barry A. Burke
FaceBook: Barry A. Burke
Google: storageanarchy
Nabeel Ahmed Twitter: @StorageDC
Marsha Glassner Blog: Webserf
Twitter: @mdg
John T. McArthur Blog: Walden Technology Partners
Twitter: @jtmcarthur56
LinkedIn: John McArthur
Johnny Gee
aka Documentum Guru
Blog: Ask Johnny! – Documentum Guru
Twitter: @ecmguru
LinkedIn:Johnny Gee
Christine Christopherson Blog: Use it or Lose it
Twitter: @ccchristine
LinkedIn: Christine Christopherson
FaceBook: Christine Christopherson
Walid Elgamal Blog: Eye On ECM
LinkedIn : [[@http://www.linkedin.com/in/welgamal |Walid Elgamal]]
Edward Newman Blog: Mr. Infrastructure
LinkedIn: Edward Newman
Twitter: vCTO
Jennifer (Gargis) Meyer Blog: Direct2Dell and Inside Enterprise IT
Twitter: @jgargis
Dave Vellante Community: The Wikibon Project
Blog – Wikibon Blog
Twitter – @dvellante
Facebook – David Vellante
LinkedIn: Public Profile
John Furrier blog- SiliconAngle.com
Twitter: @furrier
Facebook: facebook.com/JohnFurrier
FriendFeed: JohnFurrier
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/john-furrier/0/1/8aa
Google Voice: 650-924-2009
Edward Haletky Blog: http://www.virtualizationpractice.com
Gina Minks Blog: Adventures in Corporate Education
Twitter: gminks
LinkedIn: Gina Minks
Proven Professional Community
Howard Marks Blog NetworkComputing-DeepStorage
Twitter: @DeepStoragenet
Ray Lucchesi Blog: RayOnStorage.com
Twitter: RayLucchesi
LinkedIn: Ray Lucchesi
Website: SilvertonConsulting.com
Alan Renouf Blog: Virtu-Al.net
Twitter: alanrenouf
Simon Seagrave Blog: TechHead
Twitter: Kiwi_Si
LinkedIn: Simon Seagrave
Colin Steele Site: SearchServerVirtualization.com
Blog: SearchServerVirtualization Blog
Twitter: @ServerVirt_TT
Nicholas Weaver Blog: Nickapedia.com
Twitter: @lynxbat
LinkedIn: Nicholas Weaver
Brian Gracely Blog: Cisco Data Center Blog
Blog: Clouds of Change
Twitter: @bgracely
LinkedIn: briangracely
Ron Miller Site: FierceContentManagement
Blog: by Ron Miller
Twitter: ron_miller
LinkedIn: Ron Miller
FriendFeed: ronmiller

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