The FCC Considering Airwaves for WiFi. Goodbye Hotspots?

The Federal Communications Commission is looking to open more airways for WiFi use, minimizing the need to search for hotspots, and downsizing the number of dead zones you’ll experience on your Wifi-enabled phones and other devices.

It’s a move that will shift the utilization of open networks for commercial use, making it a big change for infrastructure and related development as the US moves towards a more connected society. The New York Times notes the cause of the recently available airwaves:

The expanded access to airwaves offers a solution. The unused bands of spectrum were generated by the conversion of television signals from analog to digital. Because digital transmission uses a smaller slice of spectrum, more “white space” was freed up around each broadcast signal. It is those white spaces that the F.C.C. is now seeking to put to use.

The New York Times goes on to discuss the business opportunities that will arise from the F.C.C.’s probable ruling, with a huge nod to the unknown. It’s a mysterious leap into the future of mobile communications, which rely heavily on virtualization for access and security. There are, indeed, a number of ways in which several businesses could go, should the airwaves be opened for WiFi use.

The business of open communication, though, is already facing some less-than-Utopian situations when it comes to broadband networks. Net neutrality is another big topic the F.C.C. is tackling, recently stating the organization needs more information before applying any additional rules and regulations.

However, there are some widespread benefits of opening these airwaves for WiFi use, including improvements on a local level. As mainstream and web-based methods of content publishing and distribution converge, we’re sure to see the re-application of many retro networks and concepts for meeting new demands.

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