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Amazon Web Services : A culture of innovation | #AWSSummit wrap up

Innovative WebThere was a palpable energy at this week’s Amazon Web Services Summit in San Francisco and SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE was there. Wrapping our day’s coverage were co-hosts John Furrier and Jeff Frick, who kept the information flowing over interviews and conversations with 14 guests throughout the broadcast day.

A certainty confirmed by today’s summit, according to Furrier, is that AWS is clearly leading the way. “But they are humble,” Furrier wryly noted. “They say they are just listening to their customers but they are going after the Enterprise.” Much like Moore’s law contending the number of transistors on a circuit will double every two years, Furrier claims there is a cadence to what he has coined “Amazon’s Law” which finds correlation between decreased complexity and price reduction.

“How do you get that innovation into your company and build a culture of innovation,” inquired Frick. “They are showing how easy it is to experiment with an experimentation cost of zero.”

On theCUBE, at this and previous events, we have often heard of the drive within Amazon to fail fast. When you can fail fast, you can advance faster. “That is where innovation is born,” stated Frick.

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Evidence of this strategy widely employed at Amazon was confirmed by a few big announcements. Chiefly, WorkSpaces, introduced at last year’s re:Invent conference and rolled out in a limited release, went live in two regions with further anticipated rollouts globally over the coming months.

WorkSpaces, along with AWS’s data intelligence offering, Kinesis, and Appstream are, according to Furrier, game changers in the industry. “What AWS is doing is the new printing press. Now everyone wants a printing press. IBM, Google and others are gunning to get in the game.”

A Commanding Lead


Frick pointed out that as this is the 8th AWS Summit, it’s clear AWS has a commanding lead in the field. Legacy providers like IBM and HP as well as the tech giant that is Google are going to ultimately be playing catch-up. However, with the infancy of this tech, Frick notes Amazon may find resistance in the area of enterprise readiness. “The impact of ShadowIT is that the internal IT guys see their jobs going away.”

Looking at the other side of that coin, Furrier said he was unsure if it was the Enterprise that wasn’t ready for Amazon or Amazon that isn’t ready for the Enterprise. “Cost reductions are nice but speed is the game.” In spite of, (or perhaps because of), the differing leadership style of Amazon and Google, Furrier was quick not to discount Google despite their late entry into the market. “Google can scale.” His view for HP was not as rosy.

In an appeal directly to HP CEO Meg Whitman, Furrier stated, “Don’t try to take Amazon head on. I think HP needs to focus on IP. They are behind on cash and energy compared to Amazon.” This comment was made due to the similarities already inherent between the Amazon and HP clouds.

With the observed integration of Cloud and Big Data, Furrier returned to the next big player on the field. “I think it’s the gauntlet being thrown down by Google. That is where we will see big movement in the future.”

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