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‘Voxels’ to become the first cryptocurrency to power a VR marketplace via Voxelus

First debut at Oculus Connect last month, Voxelus (www.voxelus.com), the world’s first end-to-end virtual reality content creation platform, expects to launch the largest marketplace for virtual reality assets and games next year. The in-platform currency used on the Voxelus platform will be a cryptographically secure in-game token called “voxels” and to secure funding the company will be selling these tokens in an upcoming crowdsale.

With the expected launch of three major consumer-end virtual reality headsets in Q1 2016—the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive—next year will most likely have a major expansion in VR games, entertainment and assets. Voxelus’s platform will be positioned well to catch that wave of innovation.

Since its debut at Oculus Connect, Voxelus has seen more than 20,000 downloads of its Creator software showing an already present interest in the software and potential marketplace.

Voxels, so described as the “coin of the realm” on Voxelus, are an interesting element of the marketplace. While many free-to-play games and platforms involving gaming use tokens for microtransactions, voxels will be a type of cryptocurrency based on a Litecoin-fork with 210 million coins and two-minute confirmations. The coins are pre-mined, open-source, and an initial 15 percent of the coins will be offered in an initial crowdsale to raise interest for the platform. The remaining 85 percent will be distributed over the next two years.

In another interesting cryptocurrenty partnership, Halsey Minor, chairman and co-founder of Voxelus and chairman and founder of Bitcoin exchange Uphold, Inc., (formerly Bitreserve) says that his company will support voxels. Uphold recently rebranded itself and added services to include traditional currency financial services.

“Early in my career, I was influenced by the visions of writers such as Neal Stephenson in books like Snow Crash that envisioned worlds with both virtual money and virtual reality,” said Minor. “Making science fiction science fact is the kind of thing every entrepreneur lives for. By giving the voxel functionality equal to bitcoin while serving the ecosystem of the leading virtual reality gaming platform represents a remarkable technical achievement.”

Voxel public crowdsale starting Novemember 2

The first batch of voxels will be made available in a private pre-sale to partners and cryptocurrency investors beginning today with a 100,000 voxel minimum. The public crowdsale begins Monday, November 2, at sale.voxelus.com with a minimum order of 100 voxels ($25-30 depending on date purchased). The first day of the public presale will start with a 24-hour sale of 1,000 voxels per bitcoin, followed by three periodic price changes of 900, 800, and 750 voxels per bitcoin until 30 days or 31.5 million voxels are sold.

Unlike many other platforms that use crowdsales to raise capital, Voxelus is already substantially ready for release including wallets and internal mining pools. The initial distribution of voxels will be made following the crowdsale.

Appearance on multiple exchanges after the crowdsale

Voxelus told SiliconANGLE that “Erik Voorhees is a team member and ShapeShift is an investor, providing the back-end for both the pre-sale and public sale,” and that after the crowdsale is complete voxels will become available on Uphold (detailed above) and Voorhees’s registration-less cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift.io.

Two other well-known exchanges have agreed to also list voxels. Those names, however, will be announced by Voxelus after the crowdsale has completed.

Featured image credit: via Voxelus

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