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Presence Pro Care’s range of connected sensors helps you care for ageing loved ones

Getting old is a reality that all of us will face and something we cannot escape. So too are the responsibilities involved in caring for aging parents. If you live far from your loved one, popping in to check on their wellbeing is not always possible and with professional care services costing upwards of $150 a day it is likely to be an unaffordable cost.

Presence Pro Care is a home-monitoring solution that will enable you to have a watchful eye on your loved one, regardless of your location. People Power, makers of the Presence app are launching an Indiegogo campaign today to extend the apps capabilities.

Presence Pro Care extends the current Presence app into a home care product. It provides an easy way for the elderly to communicate with family and friends and the ability to generate emergency alerts and monitor daily medication intake. Presence Pro Care is also a customizable white-label solution that enables providers to brand the home care product for their customers.

Full home-monitoring of your loved one through connected sensors

Presence Pro Care range of sensors

Presence Pro Care range of sensors, via People Power

First up, a “Caregiver Circle” of friends and family is set up in the app to connect a variety of caregivers to your aging loved one. You can also have live chats with your loved one using the Presence Camera, which turns into a digital picture frame, with the ability to share photos with your parents or grandparents, when it is not in use.

There is a range of connected devices that will track medication intake and be on the lookout for emergencies. A connected pill dispenser sends an alert if they forgot to take their medication.

From day one, the Ambient Fall Detection learning analytics will learn the daily patterns of your loved one and alert both caregivers and emergency response (if based in the U.S.) if they break from their patterns unexpectedly. They can also use an emergency button to alert their trusted circle of friends to an emergency. With Amazon Echo integration, your loved one can also call for help vocally.

Additional sensors include entry sensors that can be attached to doors, windows etc. and will alert you when they are opened. There are also motion sensors that will detect any movement, day or night. There is also water, temperature, touch and humidity sensors, ensuring you have a complete view of the goings-on in your loved one’s home. The Presence Gateway sends all the activity from the sensors directly to your smartphone.

If you have a loved one that requires home monitoring, there is a variety of starter packs available on the Indiegogo campaign. You can save $120 on the Pro Care Silver Pack that comes with seven activity sensors, a pill dispenser, an emergency button and the Presence Gateway for $279. Estimated delivery of the Pro Care packs is May 2016.

Main image credit: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr

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