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Gravitational packages Kubernetes into snapshots for simple on-premises deployment

Cloud infrastructure compliance specialist Gravitational Inc. today announced it’s selling a new packaging tool for Kubernetes that it claims will make it quick and easy to run the container orchestration software inside on-premises data centers.

Kubernetes is one of the most popular tools for managing software containers, which are used to build applications that can run on any kind of computing platform without alterations. The concept is popular with developers and enterprises alike because it helps to reduce cloud provider lock-in, enabling them to run their apps where it’s most convenient to do so.

Even so, there are numerous challenges involved in getting Kubernetes up and running, particularly when it’s deployed on-premises. These challenges include configuring Kubernetes, securing access, monitoring and logging and upgrading and patching the software.

“We have seen a lot of companies creating in-house, cobbled-together solutions to solve the very complex issue of running many Kubernetes clusters across different environments,” said Ev Kontsevoy, chief executive officer and cofounder at Gravitational. “It’s incredibly time consuming and often insecure.”

Gravitational’s idea is to make it easier to install Kubernetes safely by preconfiguring the software to incorporate some of the “operational best practices” derived from years of experience at some of its biggest users. With Gravity, its Kubernetes packaging tool, users can take a snapshot of their Kubernetes cluster, which includes all of the applications and their dependencies running inside it. Customers can then package this snapshot into a single file and install Kubernetes inside any restricted computing platform, safe in the knowledge that it meets their security requirements.

Analyst Holger Mueller of Constellation Research Inc. said Gravitational was one of a host of companies rushing to offer services to help enterprises manage their Kubernetes deployments. He explained that many would benefit from being able to deploy Kubernetes assets across cloud, edge and on-premises environments more easily.

Gravitational said Gravity is ideally targeted at customers that need to deploy Kubernetes inside private data centers for security and compliance reasons.

“We created Gravity to give users the freedom to focus on building their product instead of constantly navigating deployment and management headaches associated with running an application across multiple clouds or on premises,” Ev said.

Gravity further secures Kubernetes thanks to its integration with Teleport, which is Gravitational’s privileged-access management tool.

Image: Gravitational

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