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Avalanche debuts hAIsten AI to speed up AI model deployment

Taiwan-based Avalanche Computing Inc. today announced a new low-code artificial intelligence tool called hAIsten AI that it claims can train AI models using multiple graphics processing units without any coding.

With hAIsten AI, it is therefore possible to deploy AI with just a single click, the company claims. A software-as-a-service offering aimed at speeding up AI development, the new tool will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show on Jan. 5, the company said.

As Avalanche explains, AI deployment can be a time consuming process, with some models taking more than a year to get into production. The process involves numerous skilled data scientists, engineers, domain experts and managers. Even once a model has been moved into production, developers face a lot of work just to keep them up and running.

This traditional AI development process eats up massive amounts of time and money, creating a huge barrier to entry for small businesses, which means they’re trailing behind larger entities that have deeper pockets.

Avalanche wants to change that dynamic. It says hAIsten AI’s low-code AI software leverages multiple GPUs to speed up AI development and training. The company claims it can shorten AI development cycles from years to just months.

Other features in hAIsten AI include the ability to test multiple algorithms within shorter time frames, as well as one-command AI model deployment and a real-time dashboard to monitor model training status and manage all models in one place. Avalanche says teams will be able to use hAIsten AI to create new AI applications with just a few clicks, making the technology more accessible for all companies.

Avalanche co-founder and Chief Executive Jay Chen promised that hAIsten AI will “revolutionize how data scientists train their algorithms” and create “more parity in the AI development space.”

The company said hAIsten AI supports model training and deployment on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, in addition to edge devices powered by OpenVino, Nvidia Corp. and Qualcomm Inc. hardware.

Photo: Avalanche

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