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Frigade secures $2.7M in funding for React-based onboarding solution

React-based product onboarding and adoption solution startup Frigade Inc. has raised $2.7 million in new funding to grow its library of onboarding experiences for developers and support additional web software development kits for business-to-business software-as-a-service companies.

Founded in 2022, Frigade offers a product onboarding and adoption solution for React. Also known as React.js or ReactJS, React is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Meta Platforms Inc. They’re for building dynamic, high-performing user interfaces for web applications, primarily through reusable components and virtual Document Object Models, which are application programming interfaces for web page languages HTML and XML.

Frigade’s offering simplifies the creation of onboarding flows, activation checklists and product tours for developers, freeing them from the need for back-end development assistance. The company offers out-of-the-box user targeting and state management features that are designed to ease development while also following industry best practices. The platform’s customizable React components deliver seamless integration into any brand and application, providing a unique and unified user experience.

One standout from Frigade’s solution is its intended audience. The company argues that traditional digital adoption platforms cater more to marketers and managers, leading to nonnative overlays on top of products, are prone to unnoticed breakdowns and impose limitations on what can be achieved. By contrast, Frigade transforms the growth strategies of leading software companies into ready-to-use React components that enable businesses to design and launch efficient user onboarding procedures within hours.

“We see many product-led companies building sophisticated onboarding from scratch – reinventing the wheel – since existing no-code tools are too rigid,” said co-founder and Chief Executive Eric Brownrout. “With Frigade, we’re giving developers a third option: build high-quality, flexible onboarding in code faster.”

With the funding, Frigade plans is to evolve into a comprehensive customer journey management platform with personalized registration flows, engaging announcements, upsells and customer retention strategies, such as feedback loops and regular communication. The company plans to push the envelope in product onboarding and developer adoption solutions.

Frigade graduated from Y Combinator’s Winter 2023 accelerator program. Craft Ventures Management LLC and La Famiglia VC GmbH & Co. KG led the seed funding round, with Y Combinator LLC, Defy Partners L.P. and Magic Fund LLC also participating.

Image: Frigade

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