Decline in Search? Is the blogosphere killing search or helping it?

I’ve done an informal survey among bloggers and users who read blogs.  I’ve asked over 50 random bloggers and users that read blogs about their web surfing and consumption habits.

Interesting results:  They are all using seach less and less.  Is this the death of search?

I stumbled upon this because at PodTech we work with professional bloggers and new media developers and I noticed that my own web patterns where changing.  I am getting the core information that I used to get from Google and Yahoo now from bloggers and non-text media.  At the recent BlogHaus at CES it became more clear (search BlogHaus) that bloggers have hit a credibility point where they are commanding respect among users.   Search worked great for web pages but now we have blogs and social networks – in essence the complexity has dramatically increased while the inflow of more content has gone through the roof.

The big question is will search evolve to the blogosphere or will the blogosphere evolve to being a new kind of search engine?