Website Number is

image This quick post is quite humorous, and will easily be a viral traffic driver. Watching the Vice President scramble for a supposed website number, and the host of the interview trying to keep a straight face, does invoke serious LOL. Sadly it also says something about the actual people of the government holding such high office.

While outwardly they want to appear quite internet savvy with their pulse on what is ticking, slinging their RIM Blackberry straight from the White House, online with twitter and RSS, in actuality they don’t really have a clue. It’s really sad to see the moments of blank searching that happens here. Funny and viral, agreed, but sad when you stop to think about what transpired in the video.

Who is really running the show? Why am I starting to lose faith again and believe this is more like the Wizard of Oz?

Sure the above is funny to watch, and it will be beyond viral by tomorrow morning. The important thing to remember here is that if the 2nd top office in the government can’t at least be prepared before an interview to know what the "website number" is – how can we expect a true financial recovery to really begin?

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