Forget Bailouts and Business Models – Global is Key – Europe Startups Starving – Index Gets €350 Million Euros to Reboot Entrepreneurship

While other venture capitalists are squabbling about bailouts and business models, Index is going for Europe. Index Ventures just raised €350 million Euro fund ($442 million) to jumpstart (or reboot) the European startup landscape. I am in Europe right now traveling from London through the Netherlands, and I can see first hand that the startup entrepreneurs are hard at work. The big problem is that there is a financial crisis. This is an interesting move from Index.

You will see coverage from the European Union coming soon to siliconANGLE so stay tuned on our “Angle” on Europe. I am very excited by the Europeans and the opportunities here – entrepreneurship is happening big time. There is a new breed of entrepreneur here looking for a new breed of investor. The financial crisis will be a great opportunity for Europe. I’m working on a post from my 10 day trip where I spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs and investors. I have been saying for some time that Silicon Valley needs to be global.

Very interesting times indeed. In the dark clouds of a global financial implosion there are sparks of creativity happening in Europe.