First Look: Skype First Ever TV Ads Coming – Preview on YouTube


Skype, a subsidiary of eBay, in another move to establish themselves as a standalone business will soon run TV ads branded only as Skype.

We hear from a source that Skype is close to distributing its’ first ever global TV advertising¬† campaign as well as an online, social media campaign.

After digging around we confirmed the story and found this video on YouTube and sources say it will be airing on SkyTV starting tonight.

Here is Skype’s first TV advertisement.

My Angle: Good copy strategy. Happy parents sharing their big news of their daughter Laura. Played up the demographics perfect – young parents communicating online to older generation, baby boomer grandparents. Love the sound of the Skype “ding’ in the beginning – I actually went to look to see who skyped me, brilliant. Excellent use of showing the product in action with the video call and TV screen – showing more mainstream usage rather than alpha geek users. My only suggestion for improvement would be to add a call to action for those not familiar with Skype.

What do you think about the direction and the ad?¬† What’s your “Angle”?