Legacy Locker, anatomy of the smart launch

Legacy Locker appears to be hitting a home run this morning. Jeremy Toeman is a well known person in the social media circles and in my opinion he has pulled off a very wise two part launch process. If after this morning/today you don’t know about Legacy Locker, you probably needed it – yesterday!

The first part of the launch was covered well be the Big 3 – CN, RWW, and TC last month. Now you are asking yourself, “What purpose does that serve?”. I think that it serves a very under addressed story that is happening online.

So many companies launch every month, every week, every single day! Sometimes on days such as today, Tuesday, it can be crazy at the number of companies that launch. Most have something to do with twitter, or friendfeed, or some video service, etc. Find the common factor, and you probably have two dozen companies that have launched or will be launching in the next 24 hours.

I guess Marshall said it best last month –

The company charges money and has a real-world market channel primed to resell its services. It’s something we think many web entrepreneurs could find inspiration in.

Yes, a real company that charges for a service for your digital afterlife. Quite a simple, but needed concept. The two step launch is something that makes sure there are no stones left un-turn. Great idea if you ask me.

Watch the video below by a new site called TechVi.

While the concept as noted, does have competition and similar offerings can be found, I think that the concept behind Legacy Locker is one that needs addressed. You just never know when your time will be up, and how many domains, social net accounts, e-mail accounts, etc. do you have that even your significant other or family could access quickly?

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