Scoopler: Real Time Search that is Strong with the Force [No Jedi Yet]

image I knew it was only a matter of time before some strapping young startup decided to fill the void only being marginally looked after by the likes of by a few mashups and Yahoo Pipe scripts. Today, though, MG Siegler profiled a new search startup geared towards cataloguing the “real-time web.”

The site is called Scoopler, and I had a lot of similar thoughts about where it’s at presently that MG had:

The problem here is that a lot of popular real-time results are completely dominated by Twitter. Take tonight, for example. A bunch of people went to go see the new Star Trek movie, which just opened. So a search for “star trek,” yields a ton of results, but every single one of them is from Twitter. It’s nice to have the results auto-refresh when new updates come in, but really this isn’t much better than actual Twitter Search.

He also ran some tests on less popular terms, but with wildly different results.  The search results on the popular terms don’t seemed to be ranked by any sort of authority or popularity metrics nor any type of timeline based system.


On less popular terms, the limitations of what’s been indexed is more clear – doing an ego search for “rizzn” should pull up recent items on more than a couple dozen real time or near real time social networks.

All in all, it’s a step in the right direction, and has some nifty features, but it needs a little bit more work before it can be more useful than other existing real time search mashups.