Google Further Along in Future of Search Than Most People Know

Rob Hof, editor at Businessweek, nails the real deal behind the Google Searchology event yesterday.

After reviewing the coverage, it is very clear that Google is far ahead of the pack in all the right areas. While everyone talks about “Twitter this and Twitter that”, Google is building the next big features. They have all the right features just not in the same words all the early adopter hipsters are using. Why are the camouflaging it?

I did not attend the event yesterday. Google told me would be invited next time (we cover search). SiliconAngle Labs, our new venture incubator, is developing new real time web search-like products, so I watched all the coverage with great interest. Bottom line: Google is more further along than people think. I’d go even further to suggest that they are hiding it.

All the new tech, Internet, and social networking trends revolve around data and Google has years of experience in this area. In fact some have called the Google Toolbar the biggest “spyware product” on the market. Google gets data and how to use it. The zillion dollar question is will they get the formula right in the area of the real time web. Also, I had hoped that I’d hear more about what they are doing in visual search. Randy Adams at has been quietly building up a following for their innovative display engine and ad model.

Twitter or anyone else is not even close to Google in technology and capability. Here is where I see the most compelling areas of Google’s roadmap:   the direction of the toolbar, their efforts on recency, and user intent. However, my favorite direction is their direction of AdWords turning into Semantic Keywords.

Google isn’t resting. They know the world is changing and they are at risk. I love these new market forces.

Ironically, the same night as Google Searchology, SiliconAngle attended a small event was being moderated by my friend Robert Scoble in Palo Alto. It was called the Real Time Web put on by the SDForum. What’s important about this event is that the “in the trenches” players were all there.  They were talking about what I think is the most important area that will affect consumers – real time search. Facebook, Yahoo, and some startups all were sharing their views. Here is the Friendfeed channel that Robert Scoble set up for the real time search talk last night in Palo Alto.

The big thing that came out of the technical real time web search discussion was that Facebook wants to be in search real bad, but they just can’t do it. Imagine that, Facebook can’t do search. What about Twitter?  They can do search but not user intent among other scalable things.  These are just two proof positive that Google is miles ahead of anyone in real time search – miles ahead of everyone in all areas.