Facebook Credibility At Risk Again – Facebook’s URLGate

image Facebook is growing like crazy and people continue to debate the value of the platform. I am an active user of Facebook, and I like the utility of connecting and collaborating with family, friends, peers, and colleagues.

It’s no secret that the site is getting a bit messy – content redesigns and really bad ads with absolute no value or relevance to me. The advertising has no utility at all.

The bigger picture that mainstream users, advertisers, and partners question with Facebook is: Can They Be Trusted?

Today, a recent decision to cut a smoky backroom deal with key journalists continues the trend of ‘credibility blunders’. Kara Swisher of AllThingsD – a Dow Jones backed blog calls this URLGate.

I posted a tweet about this
and it immediately got a conversation going on Friendfeed (I love the irony of that).

Check out the comments on that conversation and add your opinion.

My Angle: Users, Partners, Advertisers don’t trust Facebook. Why? Because their track record of blunders continues. By giving URL name access to anyone in advance and in secret is bad policy. Facebook should have just developed a better policy. Plenty of places to figure this out just look at the years of experience ICANN has in dealing with domain names.

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