Google Voice Slowly Opening Up to the Public

4232368305-voice_logo_sm[1] The Official Google Blog loudly trumpets today that invites to the coveted “follow-me” call service are going out now:

A couple of months ago we announced Google Voice, a service that gives you one phone number to link all your phones and makes voicemail as easy as email. We are happy to share that Google Voice is beginning to open up beyond former GrandCentral users. If you requested an invitation on the Google Voice site or previously on GrandCentral, keep your eye out for an invite email.

As we’ve mentioned before, we love Google Voice (perhaps better known as Grand Central). I’ve been personally using the service since the very early (pre-Google) days of the service, and have had almost no hitches or bugs in the service since it’s inception. The product being backed by Google and integrated into a very active circle of apps and projects only increases my confidence in the products longevity at the search giant.

While as a user, we’re no longer able to send out invites to our friends, Google has opened up their invite application process to the public, and with their recently announced number portability options, the reasons not to want to use the service are rapidly diminishing.