Bing Wins Big with Twitter Partnership

imageFor coverage of this announcement there are a few great resources that I endorse: Danny Sullivan and Kara Swisher.

Between the two you will get the news and expert analysis Angle.

Kara Swisher breaks the news (here, here and here).

Danny Sullivan weighs in with expert analysis:

Of course here is the Bing blog post announcing the new feature/product:

Big Win for Microsoft. It Makes Bing Cool and Relevant

I’ve been following Bing and Twitter since July. I had knowledge of the work being done and it’s great to see the pros like Kara Swisher at let the scoop.

Many of you might know that since end of 2008 I’ve been working on a Twitter data project in SiliconANGLE Labs with my friend Ho John. Over that time Ho John and I did some cutting edge work. We developed a full crawl from the Twitter data via feed over a few short months. We developed some statistical and quantitative techniques to filter on relevance and discovery of profiling among other crazy ideas. We ran many experiments around the user behavior and image monetization schemes with top brands. Ho John has since been hired by Microsoft and the Bing team last July.

So I have an opinion on this. It’s a great move by Bing. The Twitter data is a gold mine.

The Twitter data is loaded with great unstructured data that when ported to a computing and contextual model it’s a home run for developers. In layman’s terms using the Twitter data in combination with another product (like search as an example) really makes sense. It’s differentiation for Bing.

The Twitter data with other search assets enables the possibilities to create a great user experience for consumers (not just searching but discovery and navigation).

I will not judge this product today because I already consider it a major victory for Microsoft and Bing. If they can continue to move fast and add to the product then it could be great for users and in turn Microsoft.

Twitter is the New Web

As you can tell I’m a huge fan of the Twitter data and all it’s possibilities. Just last night I had a conversation with Ev Williams the founder and I said to Twitter is a done deal it’s mainstream. I told him of the time back in 1995 when I started seeing URLs on TV – it was then that I knew the Web was real and unstoppable. Same is true for Twitter. When you see Twitter all over broadcast TV you know they are established and it’s the real deal. Like the Web in 1995 Twitter 2009 has established it’s value as a new defacto standard and is unstoppable.

Update: Google has deal of their own.

In the ever ending battle of the search titans Google responds back with a deal of their own. @marissamayer announces it here.

Google takes more of an anti-hype approach or kind of Ho Hum no big deal. Meanwhile Bing is grandstanding left and right. Contrast to their market positions. Fun to watch. Congrats to Twitter.