China Targets Bay Area Companies – Was Cisco Targeted? Did China Get The Goods on Cisco

As news about the China attacks continue to surface, numerous news reports confirm that Juniper was not attacked but instead just targeted.  The Wall Street Journal has a story that paints a different picture in China with respect to Google.  Here we have everyone weighing-in an attempt to “cloud the main issue “cyber-espionage”.

This brings up the question of why were certain companies targeted? Some are saying in the SiliconAngle community backchannel that China has been targeting companies to steal intellectual property. So I’ve been digging around and it appears that Cisco was not targeted.

Why Juniper and not Cisco?

Could this be that Cisco has already been taken by the Chinese? I find it funny/weird that Cisco is apparently not one of the companies targeted or named in this latest China cybercrime stuff? Is Cisco in bed with the Chinese government? If so does this make them safe?

Is China not targeting Cisco because Cisco let the Chinese and Huawei walk away with their source code? There are only three major players in that core network market Cisco, Juniper, and Huawei. Hmmm makes me wonder.

I am very suspect of these attacks and the implications of who and who was not targeted. I am starting to dig around on Cisco’s relationships in China.