Juniper Streamlines Content Delivery With New VXA Media Flow Engines

Seeing the need for better content and media delivery in the cloud, Juniper Networks has announced its new line of content delivery appliances. The VXA Series Media Flow Engines will give publishers, service providers and content delivery networks the ability to stream content more efficiently and cost effectively. From Juniper:

“Content delivery is the service provider’s primary revenue opportunity, and a CDN has to address that opportunity and mesh with the operations, network and cloud computing commitments that form the modern service layer,” said Tom Nolle, founder and president of CIMI Corporation.

“Media Flow’s cloud-powered content delivery architecture is the only solution to abstract and virtualize content and resources at the same time, and to map them flexibly together. Juniper’s Media Flow Solution makes the network into a content partner and gives service providers a new avenue for revenue generation while continuing to provide superior content delivery.”

The VXA appliances can deliver anywhere from 1Gbps to 10Gbps of content, and can carry as much as 36GB of RAM on top of 7TB of data storage. The content delivery engine is a product of the collaboration between Juniper and recently acquired Ankeena Networks. The new technology promises to provide clients such as Demand Media and Break Media a way to improve and grow their content delivery services while driving down costs and opening the potential for other revenue-generating services.

With the rapid growth of video delivery sites and the impending explosion of mobile video sharing, it’s good to see a company stepping up and giving an affordable yet powerful solution to the content delivery dilemma. We probably won’t be able to stream 3D cinema-quality video to our homes just yet though it might come sooner than you think.