Sun Ex-CEO Looks to “Leverage Technology in Pursuit of Better Health.”

By launching startup and website Picture of Health, the former CEO of Sun Microsystems, Jonathan Schwartz is looking to bridge the gap between personal health and technology. Ashlee Vance over at The New York Times writes,

Exactly what Mr. Schwartz is doing remains unclear. He would only talk in vague terms about the venture, saying the goal is to “leverage technology in pursuit of better health.”

Over the course of the interview, Mr. Schwartz made it sound as if the company will develop software and services to help people keep track of their health information and to create direct links between patients and health care providers.

The website doesn’t have much, except a few graphics and links to potential jobs at the burgeoning start up. Alongside Mr. Schwartz, it lists Walter Smith, a former developer from Apple and Microsoft, as a co-founder. Little other information but a mission statement is currently available there.

The health care sector certainly does have a lot of potential for connecting people with their own lives, especially through the Internet.

While Mr. Schwartz doesn’t give the name of the final start up, instead suggesting that the name of the website and the start up with differ, his personal web site seems to suggest that the new company may be called “Informed Biometry.” Health care is in the midst of a huge industry shift, even beyond technology. To make it more efficient overall many aspects of the industry are turning to cloud computing solutions–a running trend we noticed at VMworld last week.