Live Matrix Brings a TV Guide to Current and Upcoming Web Event

Live Matrix is finally launching its site at DEMOfall this year, bringing the long-awaited guide to the web. It was the buzz Live Matrix, co-founded by Nova Spivak, generated around another conference that put its service on our radar–Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins got a sneak peek at the live-web event guide while at SxSW earlier this year. Now that real-time concepts have made their way through social media, search and advertising, it’s only fit that there be a centralized resource for finding real-time events.

What Live Matrix does is index live web events. An event could be a streaming video of an Apple press event, or a Wednesday evening sale on Gilt. From eBay to party promotions, Live Matrix has you covered. It was a daunting task to tackle, but Spivak and co-founder Sanjay Reddy from TV Guide had an early vision based on the onset of real-time trends.

Live Matrix goes for personalization, with search filters, recommendations and the like. Events are treated similarly to a digged website, in that they’re user-generated, and users’ actions increase an event’s score, pushing it to the homepage. Nearly every action, including viewing and bookmarking an event, will improve that event’s site presence. Acting as your own web guide, you can sync events to your calendar, share them across the social web, and soon tweet when an event is getting ready to begin.

To make money, Live Matrix will have sponsored listings, partner programs and display ads. Its widgets, free for producers to promote their submitted programs. The wigets are fully interactive, and act as incentives that introduce web-based marketing tools for programs on the site. It’s these marketing tools that will encourage publishers to use Live Matrix, and the search and filter features that lure in the users. Combined, Live Matrix is after a complex set of analytics that will move marketing and programming to another level.

It’s a sign of the web’s ability to provide a richer media experience, harping on the convergence of mainstream media sets and Internet content distribution. Instead of one winning out over the other, they’re able to work in tandem, leveraging the unique capabilities of the web.

This all points to a future platform for Live Matrix. The company already has more personalization features in the pipeline, along with an API and a full dashboard for measurement analytics. Watch the screencast below.

Live Matrix Demo from Doug Freeman on Vimeo.