Apple Purchases Land for Data Center, Replacing People with Clouds

Apple Inc. is serious about their plan of a billion-dollar extension data center, as it purchased a property of less than an acre from a couple for $1.7 million.

The land was owned by Donnie and Kathy Fullbright, and had been their home for 34 years in a small town of Maiden, reports Bloomberg.  They rejected Apple’s offer twice, but finally agreed to sell it at $1.7 Million. “They told us to put a price on it and we did,” said Kathy Fulbright. The couple now lives in a 4,200-square-foot house with jacuzzi of a 49-acre land. It has a man-made pond with bass and catfish.

Apple’s recent product line upgrades bring a lot more demand to its built-in cloud system, so it needs to grow its cloud and improve features around it.  Android is really starting to come hard with their competition here, and Google entertainment is taking a cloud ride too, with the upcoming GoogleTV.  We can note Android’s growth, according to a Neilsen report that came out today, with Android taking 32% of consumer preference for smartphones.

This is how Apple is going to cope up with its own bloating amount of data and the need for more cloud-storage, due to the increasing demand for iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.  Apple’s annual updates brought a number of cloud-based services, for a more seamless experience across devices.  Apple will start the construction in August and is expected to due by the year’s end.