Alteryx Teams with Microsoft, Embeds Geographic Business Intelligence in Azure

Alteryx announced at the Professional Developers Conference in Seattle, that Microsoft has partnered with them for the launch of Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket, a cloud-based micro-payment marketplace for data and business services along the lines of an Apple iTunes or Amazon online retail environment. Alteryx is a software developer geared towards global data revolution in Geographic Business Intelligence, solving business problems for nearly a quarter-million users worldwide.

“Microsoft is pleased to partner with Alteryx, and to integrate their API’s and vast data resources through the Windows Azure DataMarket service,” said Moe Khosravy, Microsoft product unit manager of the DataMarket initiative.

“This will allow us to distribute disparate data sources and drive the power of the world’s fastest and most robust Geographic Business Intelligence technology platform into wider user communities. This partnership directly supports the Windows Azure DataMarket mission to extend the reach of content through exposure to Microsoft’s global developer and information worker community.”

Hosted in Windows Azure cloud-based services platform, Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket will provide free or for free access to massive data resources like census, demographics and consumer expenditures, across a wide range of applications.

“Microsoft has set a new precedent for delivering data to a mass market of business users and consumers,” said Dean Stoecker, Alteryx CEO. “Developers will be able to use Alteryx API services to monetize their own content and web applications in ways that have yet to be imagined. By delivering data services in the cloud, Microsoft has freed potentially millions of users from having to provide and maintain their own datasets by simply subscribing in to the integrated Windows Azure DataMarket ecosystem.”

Alteryx will provide the Windows Azure DataMarket with API services and the same datasets currently offered on the company’s technology platform:

•        Geosearch / Geocoding
•        U.S. Census Data
•        Current Year and Projected Demographic Data
•        Consumer Expenditures
•        Themed Map-Tile Service for Bing

“There are many attractive features in the Windows Azure DataMarket that will enhance our ability to deploy Alteryx, and give developers new ways to deliver and consume data on the desktop, web or mobile interface,” said Stoecker.

“Census and demographic data will be there to help define sales territories, compare markets, manage supply chains and establish new business processes in almost any vertical market, be it telecommunications, retail, real estate, insurance, financial services, healthcare and more. Developers can work with more flexibility and creatively within any workflow they want, without the burden of hosting data and services on-premise, and without having to build user interfaces, commerce components, or authentication protocols. That’s what we mean by ‘inspiring ingenuity.’”