Google Instant Previews Keep Updates as Speedy as Results

Google’s come with another Instant search update, just days after a major mobile launch, and nearly a month after early testing.  Now you get previews as you go through your search results, packing in even more information from a single page.

Hover over a search result link, and you’ll see a graphic overview of that page.  Want more details? You can magnify it without leaving your search results.  The benefit?  According to Google, you’ll be 5% more satisfied with the web results you actually click through to.

The main features:

* Quickly compare results – A visual comparison of search results helps you pick the one that’s right for you. Quickly flip through previews to see which page looks best.
* Pinpoint relevant content – Text call outs, in orange, will sometimes highlight where your search terms appear on the webpage so you can evaluate if it’s what you’re looking for.
* Interact with the results page – Page previews let you see the layout of a webpage before clicking the search result. Looking for a chart, picture, map or list? See if you can spot one in the preview.

The idea behind Google Instant Previews is to make your search more streamlined, latching on to several triggers for memory and other forms of information retrieval that can help out users.  The interesting part, of course, is the ongoing incorporation of more and more features on Google’s once super-simplistic search page—a feature that made it stand out from the crowd.

Remaining competitive with Bing, which has found a pretty good way to include multiple avenues of information pertaining to a single search, has been a major objective for Google, and it’s playing out through search, marketing and mobile fields.  See here for more details.