Brocade Introduces Ethernet Fabric Solutions

San Jose-based networking solutions developer Brocade today announced the introduction of the “first true Ethernet fabric switching solutions…”  The new Brocade VDX(TM) 6720 Data Center Switches deliver Brocade VCS™ technology and were especially developed for highly virtualized and cloud-optimized data centers.  From the released statement:

“Brocade’s new VCS technology and the innovative VDX product line present customers with a tremendous opportunity to simplify, scale and easily manage their virtualized data center network, offering a next step for customers implementing the IT-as-a-Service model.”

Attracting the data enters above to Brocade’s VDX™ 6720 Switches requires close collaboration for the company with a broad spectrum of partners to simplify customer experience, increase server, hypervisor and storage offerings selection and of course protect investments. Brocade’s new solutions are aimed to drastically simplify networks and increase scalability – which can be translated into lowered IT costs for clients – and an considerable demand for the company’s new offerings if presented right to the market.

In addition to the news above, back in June’s, Brocade’s competitor QLogic was selected by HP for a big convergence innovation; this indicates that Brocade’s introduction of their new switching solutions did not arrive a moment too soon. In related news there were also talks last summer around Brocade’s potential acquisition – also discussed here.

In other ethernet news, Juniper Networks had a product release recently as well.