Juniper Networks on an Acquisition Roll: Takes Blackwave Assets for Video Storage

Aiming to boost and enrich internet video content delivery, Juniper Networks today announced the acquisition of Blackwave’s intellectual property assets. Blackwave is an innovator in internet video storage and delivery infrastructure with top performance, efficiency, scale, and reliability in powering internet video. Blackwave’s technology will be integrated into Juniper Networks’ Media Flow Controller towards comprehensive converged content delivery solutions, much to the benefit of Juniper’s service providers, content providers and content delivery networks. Details of this deal were not revealed.

“The acquisition of Blackwave technology continues Juniper’s commitment to the new network by serving the rapidly escalating appetite for high-quality video from anywhere to any device,” said Rajan Raghavan, vice president and general manager, Content and Media Business Unit, Juniper Networks. “The Blackwave technology brings storage performance and scaling capabilities that, combined with the Media Flow platform and Juniper’s high-performance networking systems, will provide a compelling solution for our customers who require scalable and efficient distribution of content and high-quality video over the Internet.”

The specialty of Juniper Networks Media Flow lies in advanced software and hardware to provide solutions in delivering rich media content with minimal cash out. Media flow is specifically designed for converged content delivery and caching solution.

This is only the latest in Juniper Networks-related deals.  The solutions company made another deal for Trapeze this year as part of its definitive agreement with Belden. They released the details of the agreement today, noting the price of the acquisition at $152 million in cash.