ClickFox Locks $18M in Funding From Morgan Stanley, On-demand Video Content Sector Seesaws

Customer experience analytics company ClickFox has received a serious financial boost, to the tune of $18 million.  The funding is offered through a syndicate spearheaded by Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners (AIP).

The syndicate funding led by Morgan Stanley AIP expressed confidence on the promise of Clickfox in making it big within its niche, which is a quickly growing sector being applied to a number of industries right now, even beyond web-based companies.  Managing Director at Morgan Stanley Jamey Sperans said in a recent interview,

“We recognize the enormous potential and value of data in today’s enterprise. But too often this data is ‘trapped’ inside separate functional areas and difficult to understand in any holistic way. ClickFox’s innovative solutions break down internal silos to enable companies to operate in a truly customer-centric way. We believe ClickFox is literally transforming the way some of the largest, most consumer-savvy businesses in the world analyze — and act upon — the wealth of customer and customer transaction data they capture in the normal course of operations.”

The funding will aid ClickFox in diversifying and expanding their customer base on a global scale, which is a goal that’s bravely taking on video distribution in an entirely new way. They are targeting to meet and exceed demand, and be a world-leader in consumer experience analytics (CEA) in four major industries: telecom, banking, insurance and energy or utility industries. It’s a focused effort in distinct areas of promise, which also align closely with cloud trends propelling businesses tapping into the consumer realm.

ClickFox will be concentrating on 3 segments of their business to push this growth. They are looking at substantially intensifying sales and marketing campaigns per region, eventually moving to a worldwide strategy.  Also, they will be speeding up R&D in order to maintain a good position within the on-demand video content sector, which is now experiencing a roller coaster of a ride with major brands hesitant to let their content go, due to legal issues arising.

In other global on-demand video news, the UK’s TV Catchup’s application has been dismissed by high courts following a legal suit filed by Britain’s top broadcasters. Another copyright infringement case was slapped onto the face of FilmOn by none other than America’s four major Television networks: Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC. These legal impediments could be dictating the pace of on-line video streaming industry’s growth and reshaping its business model.