Google Android Chief Unveils New Android Tablet

HTC-Tablet1 Amid the roar of the crowd and the unveiling of Gingerbread, Google appears to have taken a multipronged approach to the market and they’re revealing an Android tablet. The prototype tablet, made my Motorola Inc., would add itself to the already varied (but not well marketed) line up.

Details are extremely sketchy, but according to the Wall Street Journal, Google’s Android Chief, Vice President Andy Rubin, showed it off at the Dive Into Mobile conference,

Rubin showed off a Motorola Inc. prototype tablet powered by another upcoming version of Android–dubbed Honeycomb–that will be optimized to run on tablet devices. The black tablet had a large screen and appeared to have a built-in camera.

“With the tablet, we’re in the middle of one of those hockey sticks of evolution,” he said.

It’s hard to tell what he means with this quote, but he could be referring to how when a device or program is being adapted to fit market parameters it suddenly reaches a point where a lot of variation happens in a short period of time (the highly curved end of the hockey stick.) During his presentation, Rubin also mentioned that his particular division of Google would be highly profitable even if it was run as a stand-alone business. From this we can probably assume he means that this new development in the evolution of Android means we can expect a great deal of more variation and features.

Since the prototype doesn’t have a name or an image—and the Wall Street Journal piece only contains literally two lines about the presentation, we’re going to have to take a wait and see approach to deliver more news on this revelation.