Tripadvisor’s Instant Personalization of Facebook Friends’ Travels

The unification between the largest trip community database and the largest social networking platform is now tangible, thanks to TripAdvisor’s integration with Facebook’s recently launched Instant Personalization features.

Following a series of improvements of the travel internet based tool, which permitted since summer time to see the Facebook friends’ recommendations for trip destinations, accommodations or attractions, the instant personalization is meant to blend the services for a better user satisfaction.

Word of mouth has been proven to be one of the most effective tools in marketing travel sites, and taking for granted the information that half of Tripadvisor users have already a Facebook account,  the continuation of the advantage was expected. Ethan Beard, Faceook’s Developer Network director added:

“TripAdvisor’s integration with Facebook demonstrates the power of incorporating social context into online activities, as well as the enormous value of advice from trusted friends.”

The new service offered by Tripadvisor to Facebook users increases the accessibility of information: first of all, the Facebook integration will map the destinations where the users’ friends had traveled. The key of Facebook instant personalization is the immediate access to trustful information.

Facebook has also addressed privacy concerns with optional settings for TripAdvisor’s integraiton and its Instant Personalization features.  Facebook will need to continually maintain privacy settings around Instant Personalization as it pushes the boundaries of how brands and consumers interact.