Google’s Social Networking Evil-Speaker Leaves for Facebook

After vehemently criticizing Facebook – Paul Adams leaves Google for becoming a member of Facebook staff. Things have been escalating since the release of Adams’ controversial analysis of social networking.  As a consequence to his remarks, Groups was hurried to be launched, but the search engine is not capable of keeping its loud employee happy or shooshed.

With this announcement of staff mobility towards the moment’ most fast paced social platform, Google is eating its words, in a way.  Moreover, Adams’ decision to leave Google for Facebook stresses once more the attention that social networking has gained during the recent months.

As a researcher of social groups, Paul Adams commented this aspect with an accurate precision and  conscience of his own knowledge:

“People have multiple facets of identity. There is not one profile that fits for all the people in their life. People appear differently to different audiences. They act one way with their family, they act another way in work, and they act another way with their best friends.”

Treating the same subject of personnel’s freedom and accessibility in specific companies or working schemes, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO concluded in a TED presentation that there is still a questionable number of women in boarding positions. “Women systematically underestimate their own abilities,” she says.  According to Sandberg, 57% of men negotiate their first salary out of college, while only 7% women do the same.