Clearwire is Facing Troublesome Times

Clearwire is facing some issues with its iSpot being discontinued after no more than half a year since its launch on the market.

Our chief editor Mark  “Rizzn” Hopkins commented on Clear troublesome situation: “We’ve been following Clear’s moves for quite a while, and frankly, this product always seemed out of place, given the company’s seeming over-riding strategy of openness. A networking utility that is locked down to a few device types doesn’t seem at home in a company whose secret to success has been designing mobile coverage plans that disrupt an entire industry.”

Being designed for Apple devices, the product seems to compete within the other products within the range of the same producer. A marketing strategy or a manufacturing failure, whatever it might be called, iSpot marks well the troublesome experiences that Clearwire is facing.

Moreover, Craig McCaw is leaving the board of the company. Some controversies has been raised by this change, mainly feeded by the speculation that the chief executive was not doing its best lately for Clearwire.

Also, Sprint, owning almost half of the company, has some responsibility in this case. I wonder what Sprint thinks of  McCaw’s interest in other projects. Other resonance names that implies in the salvation of Clearwire are Google, Time Warner and Intel. These second parties are in for $3.2 billion with the wireless provider. The premise for this strategic plan was to develop in exchange for a high-performance 4G network.

From Clearwire:

“Today, with a 4G network covering one-third of the U.S. population and serving nearly 3 million customers, including those from some of the leading names in telecommunications, Clearwire is well on its way to realizing that vision.”

However, the cash lacking was contra-attacked with a personnel cut of almost 15%. In these conditions, Sprint seems to be the potent life belt, but for the time being, the formidable foundation behind it is crumbling.