Dell Combines Public and Enterprise Business Units

According to the Wall Street Journal, Dell is preparing to combine  its large-enterprise business units into a single operation in order to “enhance its position.”  Dell reported In November that its fiscal-third-quarter profit more than doubled, which means that combining the company’s two largest revenue generators may have an even more positive effect on their growth and demand.  It’s part of Dell’s larger goals to revive sales and its product lines, finding ways to survive in a market dominated by HP.

“It combines Dell’s two largest segments by revenue, which have shown strong growth of late, each growing by double-digit percentages in the latest quarter.”

Reportedly, head of the public unit Paul Bell will lead the combined operation. Additionally, Dell also named Steve Schuckenbrock to replace Peter Altabe as president of its services business, who’s in turn leaving after leading the $3.9 billion acquisition of Perot Systems.

In our previous coverages of the technology vendor, we discussed Dell’s announcement of its plans to acquire SecureWorks Inc, an IT security service provider. The deal can provide a very drastic expansion of Dell’s IT-as-a-Service offerings portfolio, and SecureWorks may prove itself to be a very valuable asset to the company from other aspects as well.

In addition to the plans to acquire SecureWorks, here we also gave our take on Dell’s plans to rapidly expand and strengthen its storage and data centers by once more pursuing acquisitions.