SoundCloud Adds RSS, Now in Beta

SoundCloud has given out the details of the beta podcast release program, inviting current and aspiring podcasters to take part in it.  The best and most interesting applications will get a special beta account too, so that users can really test drive the platform. The features of the beta RSS program include RSS capability for the users’ sounds, the possibility to set which sounds are in users’ RSS feed during upload and enabling RSS as a default option.

From the SoundCloud blog:

We’ll soon be able to offer RSS feed capability for your tracks and will be rolling this out slowly with selected users. If you’d like to apply to be included in this program and possibly have the chance to become a featured podcaster, just fill in the form below. Whether you have a podcast you want to move to SoundCloud or have one in mind and have been waiting for the opportunity to get it out there, then sign up! The best and most interesting applications will get a special beta account too so you can really test drive SoundCloud.

SoundCloud, a German company, launched its business in 2007 and emulated Flickr’s business model, i.e. a free basic level of service and a $29 per year pro level of service, currently having over 2 million users. Recently, SoundCloud has been dealing with an increasing number of legal threats based on piracy concerns. For this reason, SoundCloud decided to work with Audible Magic, a media identification and copyright tracking provider, to identify copyright breaches and dispose of them.

SoundCloud users are not very content with the decision, but this move is a natural step in the company’s gradual growth, considering that in the last period, SoundCloud received $10 million in investments from Index Ventures and Union Square Ventures. The investment came along with the recruitment of ruling members, such as Fred Wilson and Mike Volpi from Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures whose experiences’ will be materialized into rapid growth and increased visibility on the US market.  SoundCloud is also expanding its mobile efforts, recently launching an Android app.

Privacy and piracy issues have been the main reason for LimeWire closing down the business in October 2010 following a Federal court ruling. The four-year litigation ended with the shutting down of the online music store that along several other file-sharing sites attract over 50 million visitors per year counterfeiting copyright policies.,,14767254,00.html