Appcelerator and Engine Yard Partner Up for Joint Mobile Cloud Solution

Yesterday web-based application development solution Appcelerator and Ruby on Rails development and deployment platform Engine Yard announced a partnership to deliver a new solution, combining joint platform benefits. The Appcelerator Platinum-Engine Yard hybrid offering will aim to simplify the deployment of web-scale, cross-platform mobile Rails applications, following the trend HTML5 kick started, but from a different angle. This take on Rails apps stretches beyond mobile as well.

“We see mobile commerce as one of many opportunities where Appcelerator and Engine Yard can help customers expand their relationship with clientele before, during, and after purchase,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO, Appcelerator.”

The two companies highlighted mobile commerce, particularly the daily deals and coupon segment as of the upcoming offering’s focus, and some key aspects of the still-unnamed solution, including security and scalability.

As a part of the agreement, Appcelerator and Engine Yard will both integrate and certify each other’s technologies, and will jointly develop best practices as well as developer resources. Overall, the two companies’ upcoming cloud-connected offering may prove to be a good investment for developers, but AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson discussed cross-platform app use from a different angle at MWC.

Yahoo! News reported Stephenson “expressed frustration” about the need for users to pay for the same app more than once for cross-platform use. He said customers should be able to buy an app only once and use it across different platforms, and highlighted an emerging app store alternative which enables carriers to sell apps directly. The alternative is the Wholesale Applications Community, “an app store set up by carriers.”

AT&T and Appcelerator are approaching the same area from multiple angles, with the last expanding its hold of the market very seriously this year. An earlier update includes the acquisition of app program Aptana, and SiliconANLE’s News Editor Kristen Nicole interviewed Appcelerator VP of Marketing Scott Schwarzhoff about the merger.