GigaSpaces Partners up with Excelian, heads to Finance and Gaming

Virtualized application platforms maker GigaSpaces announced a partnership with London-based Excelian, a technology consulting company with 250 staffers. The partnership is meant to extend GigaSpaces’ reach to finance services and gaming companies.

“We chose to work with GigaSpaces because it is battle proven in the industries in which we work,” says Adam Vile, PhD, Senior Partner at Excelian. “Its application scalability solves many distributed computing problems and provides a framework for application development that is well architected and robust.”

The company noted just how GigaSpace’s flag product, eXtreme Application Platform, would be able to answer prospective customers’ needs. XAP’s integration of scalability, caching, and distributed processing into a single system “makes it unique in the market.”  This also makes it suitable to handle scaling across thousands of stateless compute nodes for finance services, and scale multiple clients in real-time for gaming.

In addition to its latest partnership with Excelian Gigaspaces launched XAP 8.0 recently, and our News Editor Kristen Nicole interviewed GigaSpaces Director of Product Management Uri Cohen about the product. After enhancing its offerings portfolio, the virtualization vendor set its eyes on finance and gaming – two of the hottest trends right now.

Cloud financial management and software company Intacct is also making strides in online finance, having announced the B2B ad network, Bizo, switching its financial system to Intacct.  Bizo’s previous system was set-up and maintained in-house, and now it has officially transited to Intacct’s infrastructure, which will probably translate into a sizable boost in revenues for the cloud-based finance software vendor.

Turning to online gaming, there have been some very interesting cloud updates in this space as well. That includes Gaikai’s announcement that its cloud-based streaming game service is now available in public data. The company is also in the process of developing Facebook games, and will compete with personal cloud gaming platform OnLive.