Facebook Check-In Will Be Available to Events as Well?

Facebook was reported to be considering the addition of check-in feature beyond Places, and onto Events as well. It is still tentative whether the roll out will be on a massive scale or just for a few people to try the service but this is sure a good way to promote the check-in feature further, as well as give users the ability to share events and for organizers to be able to gauge attendance to their events. Check in to events will be available via the touch site, and soon, the iPhone.

The check-in feature is native to Facebook Places launched back in August. It allows users to check into a location and let their friends know where they are. A report says that there were 30 million check-ins recorded since the feature started which accounts for 6 percent of all it subscribers. A huge figure, but considering the 500 million user base, 30 million is not really that impressive.

However, a MerchantCircle report claims that 32 percent of businesses are utilizing Places for promotions, and 12 percent are saying they will in the coming months. Places is accounted for the growing number of businesses advertising via Facebook, and this could expand further with the addition of check in features. We can see Facebook trying to promote Places by adding features that we’re already familiar with such as check-in button and events.

Facebook Places has gone out from being a US-only feature. It is now available to Australia, Taiwan and several other European countries. They added further number by adding new countries such as Philippines, Egypt, and South Africa. One of the companies notable for utilizing Facebook places is Delta Air Lines and first US airline to offer the feature.

Check in is a great feature, however, it can also become quite a bridge for obtuse people to communicate with people and prey on them. South Carolina Lawmakers decided to ban prisoners from using Facebook. Aside from anything that has something to do with Facebook check-in feature, Facebook intends to acquire mobile startup Snaptu which enables people to use smartphone-like applications on simpler “feature” phones.