Powers KT ucloud: 60% Cheaper than AWS

Open source cloud software is providing its services to Korea’s largest landline operator and mobile service provider, which is using its open source multi-tenant IaaS platform, CloudStack, to develop the KT ucloud public cloud IaaS offering currently in beta. Intel, Citrix and others are also participating in the process.

KT will provide services with the offering targeting enterprises, which also provides resource auto-provisioning and auto-scaling as well as monitoring and metering. The interesting part though is that according to a release, KT ucloud will be priced up to 60% than Amazon Web Services, the most affordable offering on the market until now.

“KT ucloud provides an end-to-end service based on service development, test, distribution, management and deletion. KT ucloud is priced up to 60 percent lower than Amazon Web Services and provides auto-provisioning and auto-scaling when assigning IT resources on an automation and active basis.”

KT has a history of partnering up with and using its flagship offering – namely its internal private cloud infrastructure based on CloudStack. According to, CloudStack currently powers more than 50 large-scale deployments, and the platform’s popularity is so great that its latest release carries over 100 new features. CloudStack 2.2 has a lot to offer, and one very notably feature is CloudBridge, that enables users to integrate CloudStack-based applications with other clouds including EC2, Scalable Storage Cloud (S3) and OpenStack. Moreover, version 2.2 also comes with hypervisor support for VMware vSphere, Xen and more.

The open source cloud industry is hot right now, and everybody seems to be anxious for its potential. Networking giant Juniper Networks recently joined the Eclipse Foundation, and Hadapt debuted around the same time. The offering aims to bridge Hadoop and advanced datacenter to allow enterprises to analyze both structured and unstructured data in real-time.