Makes Financial Lessons More Enjoyable with “Quest for Money”

Having to learn some financial skills felt like such burden to us at one point in our lives, especially as kids. Luckily, children of today’s generation won’t have to sit through some really boring math like we did, with’s newest game called “Quest for Money.”  It helps young people develop good money management skills, providing free tools to help middle school students learn vital and lasting personal finance capabilities. This initiative is part of Intuit Inc.’s financial literacy program announced back in December (get ’em while they’re young, right?).

“Historically, learning about money felt like a chore. If we want the next generation to make better financial decisions, something has to change,” said Aaron Patzer, general manager and vice president of Intuit Personal Finance and founder of “In combining online gaming with relatable real-life money scenarios – such as buying a new computer or going to a concert – we’re teaching middle schoolers the essentials of personal finance in a way that makes sense to them.”

Along with Mint, the game was designed by Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company. It teaches young people about money management strategies such as earning, saving and budgeting. It game also challenges players with questions about money, shopping and savings, with rewards for correct answers.

“By emphasizing the importance of money managing, budgeting and setting goals, we’re connecting math to everyday life, making it relevant to students and giving parents and teachers a fun way to instill financial responsibility at home and in the classroom,” continued Patzer. “And by tying the lessons to math standards, we’re making it easy for teachers to weave money management into their current curriculum.”

Aside from the game, Mint also provides teachers with lesson plans and online resources, and parents with family activities and worksheets that can be used at home, in conversational language. See here for more info.

Apart from the new game, now offers some money-management tools for adults as well, having recently added new mortgage features to its line-up. Users of the site will be able to make loan from lenders just by entering their information including income, credit score, down payment, ZIP code and years they plan on living in the future home. Mint is also known for being an iPhone app that manages your money. It recently released a feature called “Get out of Debt” where it offers a detailed payment plan and action on how to get out of credit card debt.