Couchbase Releases Membase Server for Mac OS X, Refreshes Couchbase Server

Couchbase, a NoSQL database company formed by the merger of CouchOne and Membase, today announced the Membase Server for Mac OS X – the community release have been rolled out today. Membase Server is an interactive web application scale data management optimization product, which has now extended its reach to the “Mac-centric, web-focused developers” audience.

“Membase Server for Mac OS X, a community edition released today, provides developer-friendly features that integrate seamlessly and take full advantage of the operating system, making it even easier for Mac users to develop scalable web applications against Membase Server. “

Applications built with Membase Server for Mac OS X can be deployed on other production platforms as well, including Windows as well as Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux.

The open-source Membase Server has gained a tremendous amount of momentum, considering that its widely used by web developers such as Zynga, and serves 18 of the 20 largest sites in the world, according to the company. The offering dramatically lowers data management costs while improving the scalability and performance of interactive web applications, which is the reason behind its success so far.

Couchbase also took the opportunity to make yet another announcement. Frank Weigel, Couchbase director of product management said that the company has updated Couchbase Server for Mac OS X, and added an interface similar to the one shipped with Membase Server for Mac OS X.

Despite CouchOne and Membase’s very recent merger, Couchbase managed to release yet another new product. The fresh Couchbase Server is a distribution of CouchDB, and features both a community and enterprise edition.

In other open source cloud news from today, rPath announced its freshly released flagship product, rPath X6, now features OpenStack support.