This Week in the Cloud: Investments, Expansion and a Record-Breaking Court Battle

This past week in the cloud has seen quite a bit of action, and from more aspects than one. That includes a product launch by a company who is fresh out of a merger, and already managed to launch 2 products (and update one.)

CouchBase, a NoSQL database company formed by the merger of CouchOne and Membase, announced the launch of Membase Server for Mac OS X. Productions created using the interactive web application scale data management optimization product can be migrated to other versions of Membase Server running either on Windows or Red Hat / Ubuntu Linux. The company also took the opportunity to announce an update for Couchbase Server for Mac OS X, which now shares a similar interface to the Mac Membase Server version.

Another update from this past week is that electronics giant Dell is planning to invest $1 billion in 10 new cloud datacenters worldwide. This move represents Dell’s official entrance to the IT services market, and comes shortly after HP announced a similar decision. Dell’s investment will also be used to increase the size of its sales personnel and setup 12 “solutions centers” to help customers determine and configure their desired offerings.

A bit earlier, we’ve discussed the latest news that crossed the wire about the largest crackdown on hedge-fund insider trading in U.S. history involving among others Cisco. The networking giant has been investing a great deal in the cloud space as it has been venturing further and further away from its core switch business, and now it may just be facing a very thought court battle.

Around the same time, EMC had a big announcement as well. The company announced it will locate an R&D operation in Cork, Ireland, extending the workforce of 1,900 employees the company has in the Irish city.