Mobile Video Gets Premium Update, HBO Goes Head-to-Head with Netflix

Video streaming is becoming more significant on the go, as devices are getting stronger and companies are coming up with better offerings. HBO is one of those companies, and we’ve learned that HBO Go, a service allowing users to stream some 1,400 titles over the web, will soon hit the iPhone, iPad and Android.

“HBO’s video didn’t specifically say whether people will be able to connect to HBO Go over 3G, but considering the company is promoting the service “wherever you are,” it’s a likely feature. “

While there is no word on the exact features, the apps are expected to roll out on May 2, based on the date flashed before the end of a video ad HBO recently released. HBO is launching HBO Go on the two biggest mobile operating systems at the same time, and is following a number of companies which did the same.  Either way though, early reviews seem to be in favor of the newly extended service, which will be available to Comcast and DirecTV subscribers but not Time Warner’s – the company who owns HBO.

One example of a video streaming company that’s already lead the mobile charge is Netflix. The company launched its iOS a long time before an Android version rolled out. More recently, Netflix added some video quality manual control options.

Dish Network had recent developments too – notably the acquisition of Blockbuster.  The reason behind the $320 million deal though may be a bit surprising: Dish is looking to integrate Blockbuster’s video streaming offerings with its own services.

Amazon has also realized the huge potential of the video streaming market, recently introducing Amazon Prime. The service enables users to stream over 5,000 movies and television shows to over 200 different internet-connected devices.